Monday, 7 April 2008

John McLachlan Ancestry Tour Glasgow

This evening I am presenting an image of a memorial stone from Glasgow's Southern Necropolis.

This records various members of the McLachlan family including:

  • Captain John McLachlan who died July 9th 1914 age 79 yrs
  • Duncana Mackenzie, wife of John McLachlan, who died May 11th 1901 age 60 yrs.
  • Children of above:
  • Willie (age 4)
  • Lizzie
  • Gilbert and Flora (died in infancy)
  • Duncan I(drowned at sea 1894 age 24 yrs)
  • Grandchildren of above:
  • Jenny Anderson age 5 yrs.

Additional comment supplied by Rowena Dunk (nee McLachlan) on March 25th 2017.

Dear Nigel,
Duncan Campbell McLachlan b. Apr 2, 1870 in Rothesay, Bute to
Captn John McKenzie McLachlan and Duncana (Dunkina/Dinah) McLachlan nee MacKenzie
Died in the wreck of the ‘Cambus Wallace’ which was on its maiden voyage to Moreton Bay with a cargo of gunpowder and spirits.
Almost at the very end of the journey a wild storm blew up & the ship was wrecked on Stradbroke Island (near Brisbane) with the loss of 6 hands, Duncan being one of them.He drowned while attempting to swim to shore.
The next day when rescue teams were able to see what had happened, the ship was completely broken up. To prevent looting of the ship, the dynamite was exploded & the spirits disposed of into the sea.(The source from which I had this seems to have disappeared from the net but it was in a Queensland newspaper report of the time.)
The memorial that was erected became covered with sand over time but then in about 1953, further storms revealed it again. My father, Hector McLachlan, a nephew of Duncan travelled up to Brisbane to pay his respects to his uncle & was very emotional about the whole experience.
Unfortunately Duncan’s surname is spelt incorrectly on the memorial of the ‘Cambus Wallace’ but it is that D McLaughlan who was the son of John Mckenzie McLachlan & Duncana
Yours faithfully
Rowena Dunk (nee McLachlan)
South Australia

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R Dunk said...

This is the gravestone of my father's grandfather. Hector McDonald McLachlan emigrated to Australia with his parents Dugald Mckenzie McLachlan & Caroline nee Brooks in 1912 together with Katie,Grace & Dugald.Hector had 3 children,Rowena Ailsa & Roderick (dec 1969). Wished I had known when in Glasgow in 2008. Rowena Dunk