Saturday, 22 November 2008

Connell Dietrichsen Ancestry Glasgow

This evening, I am posting an image of a grave stone from Eastwood Old Cemetery, Glasgow.

This records the death of Connell Dietrichsen, husband of Florence McIntosh ( probably also son of Algernon Dietrichsen) who was born Feb 10th 1884 and died July 5th 1949.


John Ellerton said...

I am pretty sure that Connell was a nephew of Algernon

Margaret Ferguson Burns said...

Here are the details from Connell's birth certificate from Scotlands People '1949 Dietrichsen, Connell (Statutory Deaths 644/18 0632)':

Underclothing manufacturer. Died 5th July, 1949 (Coronary Artery Thrombosis), age 65 years at 745 Shields Road, Glasgow. His wife was Florence McIntosh; his father James Mark Dietrichsen, underclothing manufacturer); mother Elizabeth Cousar Connell.

Additional information:
His office for Harris & Dietrichsen, Underclothing Manufacture, was 5 Wellington and the was done at 31 and 37 Ingram Street (my mother, aunt and grandmother were seamstresses there when young and my grandmother also worked there at the same time, end of the 1940s).

His father died in 1929 probably in England (since they were based at Buckhurst Hill and Loughton), his mother 1971 in Glasgow.

Connell, in the 1920s, moved to Glasgow to run the family office there. (

His brother was killed in Ireland.

He had two sisters, Sibely and Marcia.

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