Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Main Ancestry Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting information from a Main family memorial stone at Glasgow's Southern Necropolis.

This records the deaths of:
  • John Main on April 9th 1843 age 23 yrs
  • Archibald Pollock, son of William Main, on Aug 18th 1851 age 5 yrs.
  • Isabella Griffin, mother of William Main, on Jan 28th 1860 age 74 yrs.
  • William Main on Jan 1 st 1874 age 58 yrs.
  • Elizabeth Main, daughter of William Main, on May 20th 1878 age 20 yrs
  • William Strang Main, son of William Main, on Nov 19th 1880 age 36.

There are other name(s) but part obscured.

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