Thursday, 23 September 2010

Peter Ancestry, Paisley, Scotland

This evening, I am posting a video clip of an interesting memorial stone in Paisley Abbey. The script is 17th century Scots English and is not easy to read. Here is a transcription and supporting information supplied by descendant Anita:

"Heir lyis ane honest man callit Thomas Piter, bailzie of Paslay, qvha decissit ye 10 of Nov., Anno 1609, & Ionet Vrie his spovs; & Iohne Piter thair sone and Margaret Craig his spovs, qvha deceissit ye 30 of Octob., Anno 1617."
Thomas Peter was a bailie of Paisley in 1605. He was one of the first interred in the Abbey Churchyard. One of his descendants went to Glasgow and became a successful merchant in that city, of which he was elected dean of guild. He presented to the magistrates of Paisley three thousand merks Scots, the annual rent of which was to be applied to the maintenance of decayed burgesses.

Source: "Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland", by Charles Rogers, 1871, p. 427 


  • Thomas Peter, Bailzie of Paisley who died Nov 10th 1609.
  • Margaret Craig, died Oct 30th 1617.

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