Saturday, 13 November 2010

Docharty Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Docharty family history as sourced from a large family memorial at Old Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow. The inscriptions, which can be found on three side of the stone, record the following deaths:

  • James Docharty, A.R.S.A. Born June 7th 1829, died April 5th 1878.
  • Daughter, Robina Bruce. Born July 2nd 1853, died April 9th 1899.
  • Daughter, Jessie. Born Feb 19th 1867, died Nov 12th 1901.
  • Wife, Robina Bruce Lang. Born July 3rd 1845, died Aug 2nd 1906.
  • Son, Albert Lang. Born Sept 11th 1855, died Dec 18th 1908.
  • Son, James Lang Crum. Born Dec 28th 1857, died June 29th 1915
  • Son, Wilfred Bruce, husband of Agnes McIlraith. Born March 11th 1872, died Feb 11th 1927.

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