Saturday, 24 September 2016

Steel Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Steel family history, as sourced from a memorial at Glasgow Necropolis. This records the deaths of:

  • Margaret R.K. Yellowlees, died at Kilcreggan on Sept 8th 1872. age 25 yrs.
  • Elizabeth Kirk Yellowlees, died at Lenzie on Sept 16th 1877, age 63 years.
  • John Steel, Merchant, Calcutta, died at Melbourne on Feb 25th 1896, age 25 years.
  • Jane Heron, widow of Allan Macnab, died Helensburgh on Jan 29th 1901, age 86 years.
  • Robert Heron Steel, Shipowner, Glasgow on July 15th 1904, age 72 yrs.
  • Elizabeth Kirk, wife of Robert Alex.Alston, died at Kilmacolm on Nov 19th 1916, age 44 yrs.
  • Robert Alex. Alston, died at Greenock on June 222nd 1962, age 92 yrs.
  • William Heron Steel, Inspector General of Public Works, Victoria. Died at Melbourne on Dec 25th 1889, age 58 years.
  • Agnes Katherine Nicolson, died Edinburgh on Oct 28th 1912, age 56 years.
  • Thomas Heron Steel, M.D.died at Melbourne on Oct 26th 1893, age 57 years.
  • Donald Steel, M.B.C.M., Indian Medical Service, died at Townsville Dec 12th 1911, age 32 years.
  • James Steel, Shipowner, Glasgow, on Dec 31st 1856, age 69 yrs.
  • Mary Heron on Feb 19th 1871, age 73 years.
  • David Heron Steel on Oct 18th 1854, age 21 years.
  • James Steel, Merchant, Calcutta, died Melbourne on Sept 2nd 1869, age 41 years.
  • Donald Steel, Teaplanter, India, died at Ceylon on July 3rd 1883, age 46 years.
  • Anne Webb, died Ceylon, Aug 12th 1868, age 29 years.
  • Octavius Steel, Merchant, Calcutta, died at Melbourne on Jan 10th 1893, age 52 years.
  • John Steel, Shipowner, Glasgow, died at Hampstead on Feb 7th 1908, age 81 years.
  • Jane Mitchell Hart, died at Hampstead on Dec 20th 1913, age 74 yrs.
  • James Steel, died at Hampstead on Aug 1st 1946, age 80 years.
  • Mary Elizabeth Kennedy, died at Hampstead on Aug 23rd 1953, age 77 yrs.

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