Saturday, 22 April 2017

Paton Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Paton family history, as sourced from a memorial at Glasgow Necropolis. This records the deaths of:

  • Andrew Paton, Merchant, Glasgow. Born Jan 2nd 1805, died Aug 15th 1884,
  • Catherine Paton on Dec 23rd 1867, age 57 years.
  • James Anderson, Shipmaster, Glasgow.Born Kirkaldy July 29th 1806, died May 25th 1874.
  • George Jackson, Watchmaker and Jeweller on Aug 26th 1885.
  • Eliza Paton on May 20th 1897, age 81 years.
  • George Paton Anderson. Born Oct 16th 1849, died Jan 29th 1922.
  • Catherine Paton Anderson. Born Sept 23rd 1842, died June 20th 1925.

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