Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Edington Ancestry Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting a video image of a Edington family memorial stone from Glasgow's Necropolis (City of the Dead). This records the deaths of:

  • George Brodrick Edington, Iron founder of Glasgow, on March 23rd 1888.

  • Son, Patrick Fullerton Watt on Sept 2 1907 age 36 yrs

  • Wife, Charlotte Jane Watt on April 3 1918 age 74 yrs.

  • Daughter, Margaret Eleanor on Nov 29th 1935 age 60 yrs (or 58 yrs).

  • Son, George Henry on Sept 24th 1945 age 73 yrs.

  • Mary Ann Clough, his mother's widow of Captain John Edington on Sept 12 1869.

  • Sister, Margaret Eliza on July 13 1890.

NB- Noting comment from Australian descendants, I visited this memorial stone again on the morning of Oct 25th 2009 and took a fresh video with additional still images. It should be noted that the inscriptions on this family memorial are very shallow and hence not easy to read after the extensive lapse of time and effects of the weather at this very exposed position. I do believe, however, that the information provided above is substantially accurate, and can, of course, be checked via official records at Scotland's People or elsewhere. For more information, contact me via the e-mail contacts at


Anonymous said...

check spelling of "Broderick" possibly should be "Brodrick"

Anonymous said...

Would love a photo of that gravestone. Video is to blurry.


A relative from downunder ...

Edington said...

If MC is a Clough then I am related and have the painting of Charlotte as a joung lady.
What happened to Capt John Edington? Who was he?
George Henry's papers are now on the net. Also pictures of George Brodrick's foundry.

A relative down under also.

Rosie said...

Mary Ann Clough came from the USA & was probably only 15 when she married Captain John Edington. Have been searching for more info on John Edington for years to no avail. Interesting to note that my G-G-grandfather Stewart Edington (brother of George Broderick & Margaret Eliza) died in the same year as his mother Mary Ann Clough Edington in Glasgow. His part of the family must have had their own memorial stone. I wonder if there is a record of it?
Would love to see a copy of the portrait of Charlotte.

R. Edington (another "down-under" relative)

Anonymous said...

I take it, thats you Roz, but who is the other ?

A painting of Charlotte .... yes please.

All the dates given are correct.

Could our other cousin please email me !

Anonymous said...

Recently visited the necropolis and noticed the headstone needs re-painting. This can be done if there are no reasonable objections by other relatives.

Captain John Edington was an adventurer and died in Trinidad as a dragoon.

Latest Capt John (Ret).
in Aust