Monday, 20 April 2009

Nitshill War Memorial Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting a video and still image which record the names of deceased as recorded on Nitshill War Memorial, Glasgow.

This still image is of the reverse of the memorial. It may record the names of those who fell in World War Two:

James Carslaw, John Conlogue, James Goodwin, Gilbert Hotchkiss, Edward Keenan, Robert King, Matthew Kirkwood, Peter McGuire, John Ouigg, James Slater, Robert Stoddart, John White, Frank Wood, Vincent Costello.

The video shows the names of men whoe died in World War One. It should be noted that one of the deceased, John Meikle, was awarded the Victoria Cross which is the highest award for valour in Britain.

John Alexander, John M Alexander, John Armstrong, David Berry, Patrick Berry, David Clark, John R Clark, Robert Clark, Michael Doherty, John Faulds, James Forsyth, William Forsyth, Robert Forrest, David Gilmour, Hugh Halford, James Halford, William Henderson, William Hone, Robert Hunter, Alexander Jarvis, Robert Johnston, Thomas Johnston, James Kelly, Andrew Law, James R Law, Matthew Law, Thomas McBride, Thomas McGoran, James McHaffie DCM, James McKean, James McWilliam, James Malloch, James Maxwell, John Meikle VC MM, James Monaghan, Robert Murray, David Nicol, John Paterson MA, James Rennie, James Roy, Walter Scott, David Steven, Robert Smith, Thomas Strain, Alexander Stirling, George Taylor, John Ware, William Wyllie, William Young.

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