Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Park Ancestry, Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Park family history using information on a memorial stone located at Old Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow. This records deaths of the following:-

  • Agnes Park, wife of Thomas Wilson, on May 16th 1888 age 44 yrs.
  • Daughter, Maggie who died in infancy.
  • Thomas Wilson on Sept 9th 1894 age 54 yrs.`
  • Nephew, James Weir on July 13th 1900 age 33 yrs.
  • Daughter, Lizzie Tod, wife of D.M.Grant on August 21st 1909 age 34 yrs.
  • Christina Murdoch, age 42, daughter of Thomas Wilson, on March 1st 1916 at Wimereux, France.
  • Daughter, Agnes Park, on Jan 3rd 1956. Cremated at Woodside.

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