Thursday, 14 January 2010

Houldsworth Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning, I am posting information on Houldsworth family history as sourced from a mausoleum at Glasgow's Necropolis which is dedicated to John Houldsworth. This Graeco-Egyptian style monument was designed and sculpted by John Thomas in 1845.

Key facts on John Houldsworth:
  • Son of a Nottingham (England) cotton spinner who moved to Cranston Hill and worked in Kelvinbridge.
  • Educated in Glasgow, Geneva and Heidelberg.
  • Non-work interests were art and sailing.
  • Lived 1807-1859.
  • Married Eliza Muir in 1836.
  • Was last Provost (mayor) of Anderston before the district was subsumed into Glasgow.
There is a place named Houldsworth in Cheshire, N. England.

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