Sunday, 17 January 2010

Motion Ancestry, Port Glasgow, Scotland

This morning, I visited St. Andrews Church, Port Glasgow which is an interesting piece of architecture in its own right.

Many of the grave-markers are aged and badly worn. However, I did manage to obtain information from the stone shown in the clip below. This is dated 1852 and records the following family:

  • James Motion, Joiner.
  • Wife, Mary Bryson
  • Their children
Lack of supporting detail (dates, etc.) is not unusual for this era.

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James said...

Just out of interest why were you looking for this grave specifically? Do you have an interest in the Motion family name etc

Just interested as I'm thinking of looking into the history and origins of the Motion family name. I'm curious to know if you had any information yourself.

Oh I found this post from typing my name into Google, no surprise to guess its James Motion lol

Anyways I'm not sure who or how to contact you (Catswhiskers) directly so I'll leave my e-mail/msn addy instead. maybe you could drop me a message?