Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Glassford Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This afternoon, I am posting information on Glasssford family history as sourced from a memorial stone at Ramshorn Church Burial Ground. This records the deaths of:

  • Anne Nisbet, daughter of Sir John Nisbet of Dean, Baronet, second wife of John Glassford of Dougalston, died April 8th 1766.
  • Right Hon, Lady Margaret Mackenzie, daughter of George, Last Earl of Cromarty, 3rd wife of John Glassford, died March 24th 1773.
  • John Glassford, eldest son of John Glassford and Anne Nisbet, died Jan 14th 1777 age 14 yrs and of Rebecca, daughter, died Jan 1780 age 21 yrs.
  • John Glassford of Dougalston on Aug 27th 1783 age 68 yrs.
  • Henry Glassford of Dougalston, second son of John Glassford and Annie Nisbet, died unmarried on May 19th 1819 age 54 yrs.
  • Catherine Glassford, daughter of John Glassford and Annie Nisbet, died Nov 19th 1825 age 70 yrs.
  • Jane Mackay, daughter of Colm Mackay and 2nd wife of James Glassford of Dougalston, died Dec 18th 1840 age 67 yrs.
  • James Glassford of Dougalston, son of John Glassford and Lady Margaret Mackenzie. Born Feb 19th 1771, died July 28th 1846 age 71 yrs.
  • Euphemia Glassford, Daughter of John Glassford and Lady Margaret Mackenzie, Born 1773, died 1852 age 79 yrs.

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