Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Provand Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Provand family history as sourced from a memorial stone at Ramshorn Church Burial Ground. This records the deaths of:

  • Matthew Provand, Merchant, Dec 18th 1779.
  • Andrew Provand, Merchant, July 4th 1784.
  • Janet Buchanan, wife of Matthew Provand AET 67. Buried Aug 12th 1799.
  • James Provand AET 12 months, buried May 7th 1803.
  • George Provand Snr., Merchant, son of Matthew Provand, buried Feb 8th 1833.
  • James Provand Jnr., son of George. May 19th 1835 AET 22 yrs.
  • James Provand Snr., son of Matthew, May 17th 1847 AET 83 yrs.
  • Children of George Provand Jnr and Ann Reid Dryburgh:
  • Richard Provand, May 14th 1845.
  • Mary McNair, July 11th 1845
  • David Provand Jan 4th 1846
  • David Provand, June 13th 1847
  • Elizabeth Maxwell, wife of James Provend Snr., Oct 3rd 1852.
  • George Provend Jnr. Dec 6th 1867.
  • Ann Reid Dryburgh, wife of George Provand Jnr., born Dec 29th 1804, died Aug 17th 1883.
  • Andrew Dryburgh Provand, son of George Provand Jnr., born March 23rd 1838, died July 18th 1915. M.P. for Blackfriars Division Glasgow 1886-1900.

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