Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Downie Family History Glasgow Scotland

This evening I am posting a video clip of a Downie family memorial from Glasgow's Southern Necropolis, near to the Gorbals.

This records the deaths of:

  • May Downie, wife of Robert Gardner, on Nov 2nd 1885 age 75 yrs
  • George Coats, husband of Janet Downie, who died at Auckland, New Zealand, on Aug 7th 18?0 age (36?). Inscription partly eroded.
  • Isabella Fraser Sept 22nd 1884 age 25 yrs
  • Annie Thomson, Jan 30th 1911 age 29.
  • Janet Aitken Downie on Jan 25th 1912 age (23?)
  • Harriet Irvine on Feb 3rd 1933 age 83
  • Janet Downie on Feb 24th 1940 age 91.


Ian said...

Hi, the quality of the video is not good enough to make out all the joining up bits which give relationships (I assume). I can see that the wife of Robert Gardner is Mary Downie and it seems likely that they married on 19 June 1863 at Anderston, a fairly late marriage.

Any chance of a more complete transcription? I'm not related as far as I know but happen to be a Downie born in Glasgow, and am "collecting" Scottish Downies.

Ian Downie, Aberdeen

Catswhiskers said...

Have just refreshed video today. Stone is recumbent and inscription relatively shallow.