Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Younger Ancestry Cathcart Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am presenting a video image of an interesting Younger family memorial from Glasgow's Cathcart cemetery. This records a span of generations from 1811 to 1978, viz;

  • David Younger, Foreman Blacksmith at Hyde Park Locomotive Works. Born April 27th 1814 died Nov 1 1876.
  • Elizabeth Adam, wife of D.Y., born April 5th 1811 died Nov 3rd 1861. Interred at Anderston, Glasgow.
  • John Younger, husband of Georgina T. Woodburn, died Dec 8th 1904 age 56 yrs
  • Georgina Torrance Woodburn died Dec 9th 1926.
  • David George killed July 1st 1916.
  • Robert Govan died April 3rd 1918.
  • Agnes Govan Younger died Nov 7th 1961.
  • Margaret Govan Younger died June 19th 1972.
  • John Woodburn Younger died Aug 1st 1978.

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