Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Pinkerton Ancestry Cathcart Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting a video clip of a very interesting Pinkerton family memorial located at Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow and which provides a link with the British Raj (Empire) in India.

The inscription records the deaths of:

  • Surgeon-Major-General John Pinkerton of the Indian Medical Service , 1833-1916.
  • Elizabeth Brown, wife of above, 1833-1908.
  • Son of above, John Pinkerton MB.CM who died and is buried at Erzerum, Armenia on Jan 7th 1878 age 24.
Question arises as to what the son of a senior British military officer was doing in Armenia. There was a Battle of Erzurum 1877-78 during the Russo-Turkish War but it would appear that the British were not involved. The initials MB.CM signify medical qualifications and one would guess that at age 24 John Pinkerton would have just qualified. Maybe a question for the Pinkerton Detective Agency?!

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