Saturday, 21 March 2009

Boag Ancestry Glasgow Scotland

This morning, I visited Eastwood Old Cemetery, Glasgow where I took a video clip of a Boag family memorial stone. Due to weathering, the inscription/dates are not 100pct clear. Where there is uncertainty I have put dates in brackets.

The stone records the deaths of:

  • Christina, second daughter of John and Mary Boag who died May 26th 1892 age (41?) years.
  • John Boag who died Dec 9th (1897?) age (72?)
  • John Thomas, second son, died Yokohama, Japan on Oct 20th 1906.
  • Mary Wilson Cochran, wife of John Boag on Dec 8th 1910.
  • Thomas Boag on Jan 10th ( 1911?) age (48?)

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