Sunday, 1 March 2009

Craik Family Ancestry Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting a video clip of a very interesting Craik family history from a memorial stone located in the Linn section of Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow. This records the deaths of:

  • John George Craik on July 31st 1951 age 83 yrs.
  • Father of JGC, James Michie Craik who died in Madison, Wisconsin, USA on April 19th 1869 age 27 yrs.
  • Mother of JGC, Annie Tennant Craik who died at Glasgow on Dec 22nd 1921 age 81 yrs.
  • Aunt of JGC, Catherine George, died at Glasgow on Feb 24th 1919 age 84.
  • Wife of JGC, Elizabeth Jane Laing died March 19th 1943 age 65 yrs
  • Son of JGC, John George Craik on May 23rd 1936 age 37 yrs.
  • Wife of JGC jr, Margaret M C Craik on Dec 14th 1997 age 98 yrs
Craik is an unusual name but appears to emanate from Dumfriesshire in the 13th century.

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jane gray said...

Hi there
my maiden name was jane howell craik and my sister and I are doing our fathers family tree. His name was James Craik yob=1909, yod=1984. His family for several generations lived and worked in and arround Kingston and Montrose, Angus.

Hope this has added to youyr knowledge of the craik name distribution.

Jane Gray