Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Harper Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland.

This morning, I am posting information on Harper family history as sourced from a grave marker in Old Cathcart cemetery, Glasgow. This records the deaths of:

Marion Walker Gibson on April 22 1900 age 20 yrs.

Elizabeth Cossar on March 1 1917 age 35

James Gray on Jan 22 1922 age 32

Jeanie Weir, wife of James Harper, July 27 1925 age 68

James Harper on Dec 31 1928 age 72
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Michael Harper said...


I'm doing family research on the family line in Scotland. Interestingly enough James, my father is also James and was born on Dec. 31 as I am I! Kinda fun - Dec. 31 must run in the family line. Would love to hear from you to start a conversation so I can begin to trace the rest of the family line to the land of Buchanan and the lovely valley/Loch Lamond. I'm presently studying maps and history as I write this and have a great desire to understand my ancestry more specifically locations and history of family. Scotch runs deep as well - Clans McThomas, McDonald, and Duncan as well as Sept affiliations such as Marshall make up my family tree.

I hope you and other's will get with me - mikielikes@mac.com - so I can begin the process of getting our lines linked.

Michael Forrest Harper
Pleasant Grove, Utah - U.S.A.

Michael Harper said...


Now I feel kinda foolish after reviewing the image attached to the post. James died on Dec. 31, 1928 and therefore I posted to someone who no longer is living. I was just excited you see! If anyone can help me make contact with some Harper's in the region it would be most kind of you. Thank you -

Michael Harper