Thursday, 1 October 2009

Watt Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This afternoon, I am posting information on Watt family history as sourced form a memorial stone in Old Cathcart cemetery, Glasgow. This records the deaths of:

  • John Watt who lived Oct 23rd 1827-March 14th 1906
  • Agnes Fowler who lived Feb 14th 1834-July 4th 1907
  • James Dunn Watt who lived March 27th 1862-March 30th 1937
  • Robert Archibald Watt who lived Jan 23rd 1858-Jan 23rd 1939 NB-Born and died on same date!
  • Henry Erskine Watt, Born Sept 13th 1870 Died Nov 2nd 1943
  • Ernest Watt OBE OPH DSC PRCP 1875-1947
  • Agnes, wife of John B Slimon, died Sept 28th 1897
  • Stewart Gardner Nov 8th 1883-Aug 19th 1899
  • George Edwin Jan 16th 1868-Dec 7th 1934
  • Arthur, Jan 7th 1866-June 17th 1935
  • Hugh Thomson Oct 13th 1872-Dec 12th 1947
  • Margaret Mary July 11th 1878-Oct 19th 1957

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