Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Thornliebank War Memorial, Glasgow ,Scotland- WW2

This afternoon, I am posting information on the casualties from World War Two as sourced from the Thornliebank War Memorial. This records the deaths of:

Jack Macgill Andrew, John Clugston, James Conroy, James Craig, Duncan J Currie, W. Dalziel, Joseph Davidson, Hamilton Durnan, Robert Foulis, Andrew Gavin, Alex Gibson, Alex C Gibson, James Gibson, William Gibson, Peter Gunn, Alan Haddow, James A Haddow, James Hamilton, Douglas William Hogg, James H Hood, Joseph Hughes, Gavin Johnston, John McCabe, Malcolm McLean, John McMillan, William McEwan McNab, Mark Dorrans McNeish, John Hanvidge Moore, Robert Hanvidge Moore, Malcolm Murray, T. Ovens, James Wilson Philp, Charles Robertson, Andrew Ross, John Farrell Shaw, John Sheenan, Alex Slater, William Stevenson, Allan Thomson, Robert F Torrance, William Turner, Charles Henrie Vokins, Alexander Walker, James Watson, Allan Weir, William Henderson.

Belfast 1972: Peter Deacon Sime


Anonymous said...

Trooper William HENDERSON's name is also on this Memorial - why is it missing? I have the original dedication and unveiling of names - this saddens me that his name is missing from your list.

William Henderson served with L.Y.
London Yeomanry and lived in Orchard Park Avenue.

Catswhiskers said...

William Henderson is definitely there but out of alphabetical order because that is the way it appears on the inscription.

Anonymous said...

Alan Haddow was my grandpa's brother. I wonder if John Allan Haddow is also there? That's the other brother. All from Thornliebank.