Saturday, 5 December 2009

Fraser Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Fraser family history as sourced from a memorial stone in Old Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow. This records the deaths of:
  • Wlliam Fraser, husband of Janet Loch, Born Nov 13th 1852 Died June 14th 1915.
  • Daughters:
  • Christina Walker B Nov 7th 1876 Died Oct 18th 1881.
  • Janet Loch, Born May 25th 1887, Died April 7th 1888.
  • Son, John, husband of Marjorie Lawrence, Born May 25th 1885, Died June 15th 1923.
  • Janet Loch, Born April 14th 1851, Died April 22nd 1931.
  • Walter George MacDonald, husband of Chrissie Fraser, Born June 12th 1881, Died Jan 28th 1946.
  • William Robertson Butler, husband of Elizabeth Fraser, Born Oct 21st 1874, Died Sept 26th 1946.
  • Christina Walker Fraser, widow of Dr. Walter MacDonald, Born Aug 23rd 1883, Died April 24th 1975.
  • Nannie, wife of Archie Fraser, Born June 28th 1899, Died Oct 21st 1929.

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