Sunday, 6 December 2009

Fraser Family History, Glasgow, Scotland

This afternoon, I am posting information on Fraser family history following a visit to Old Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow.

This records the deaths of:
  • Margaret Dryden (Peggy), daughter of Archibald and Maggie Fraser, who died at 'Wanlock', Pollockshields on Feb 6th 1915 age 18 yrs.
  • Daughter, Annie Cunningham, died in infancy.
  • Margaret R Cunningham, wife of Archibald Fraser, died Feb 17th 1926 age 60 years.
  • Archibald Fraser, died July 15th 1951 age 95 years.
  • Daughter, Janet Mulligan (Jenny) Oct 9th 1982 age 83 years.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

please call 817 235 9590 i may have your families bible thank you

Nigel Cole said...

Fraser is a relatively common name in Scotland. To find living persons you will need hard info on ancestors such as full name, date and place of birth,marriage, death, etc.Nigel