Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mackie Ancestry, Glasgow, Scotland

This morning, I am posting information on Mackie family history as sourced from Old Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow, Scotland. The information below was sourced from a memorial stone at Old Cathcart Cemetery and records the deaths of:

  • Janet Watson, wife of David Mackie, on Sept 12th 1887 age 65 yrs.
  • David Mackie on April 21st 1852 age 5 yrs.
  • David Mackie on April 29th 1888 age 72 yrs.
  • Daughter, Jeanie on Feb 14th 1906 age 63 years.
  • Son, Andrew on May 31st 1913 age 57 years.
  • Daughter, Annabella, widow of Robert Turner, on Jan 23rd 1914 age 63 years.
  • Jessie Mackie on April 25th 1943

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