Friday, 8 May 2009

Carlile Ancestry Paisley Scotland

This evening I am pleased to post the results of considerable hard work cleaning the subject memorial stone at Laigh Old Kirk, Paisley, Scotland. It has taken three visits to remove a thick layer of moss and grime to render the inscription legible.This has effort has proved worthwhile because the deceased family proved to be of high status with one member being a former Provost (Mayor) of Paisley. Some 90pct of the inscription is now legible:
  • John Carlile, merchant died Oct 1773 age 76.
  • Jane Birkmyre, spouse June 1803 age 81 yrs
  • They with seven of their children and (?) grandchildren.
  • Mrs Janet Birkmyre (?) to William Carlile Esq died May 7th 1826 age (?)
  • William Carlile Esq, late Provost of Paisley Oct 20 1829 age 81 yrs
  • Agnes Irving, wife of Warrand Carlile manufacturer in Paisley, Oct 5th 1829
  • Agnes, infant daughter of James Carlile Oct 28 1835.

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