Saturday, 23 May 2009

Macmillan Ancestry Tour Scotland

This evening, I am posting a record of a Macmillan themed ancestry tour which started and ended in Glasgow.

Macmillans have their origins in Knapdale in the West of Scotland. Castle Sween (below), possibly the oldest castle in Scotland, boasts a Macmillan tower. Close by is the Kilmory churchyard in which can be found the 12 ft Macmillan cross, an elaborately carved 15th century monument inscribed 'Haec est crux Alexandri Macmillan'. An image of this cross can be found immediately below.

The Macmillans lost control of the lands of Knap which were purchased in 1775 by Sir Archibald Campbell of Inverneil.

An interesting and rewarding tour in magnificent countryside.

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