Friday, 15 May 2009

Ruddy Ancestry Glasgow Scotland

This evening, I am posting a video clip of a Ruddy family memorial from Glasgow's Eastwood Old Cemetery.

This records the deaths of:

  • George Ruddy on Oct 28th 1914
  • Wife, Ellen McArdel on June 14th 1880
  • Son, William Sept 21st 1914 (buried in Brixton Cemetery, Johannesburg).
  • Son, James Oct 3rd 1936
  • Son-in-Law Hugh Mathieson Jan 11th 1930
  • Daughter, Mary Jan 6th 1940
  • Daughter Margaret, Dec 21st 1943.
  • Daughter-in-Law Jessie Ferguson Hendrie, wife of James, died March 3rd 1946.
  • Daughter, Helen, wife of of Hugh Mathieson died April 6th 1949.

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