Sunday, 3 May 2009

Orr Ancestry Paisley Scotland

This afternoon I am posting a video clip of a Orr family memorial from Leigh Old Kirk, Paisley.

To read the inscription I first had to clear a heavy layer of moss so this is the first time this memorial has been available to read for many years.

The recumbent memorial is very old and reads:

"This Burial Place is appointed for (Bn?) William Orr and his spouse and their children and grandchildren 1781."

I don't understand the Bn abbreviation which I have placed in brackets. Comments/suggestions will be welcomed.


Mary Beth Peters said...

I have been searching for the Orr family from Paisley. I am in the USA and our ancestors William Orr (b2/14/1772) and his wife Elizabeth Mungall (b8/22/1775)any more information on this family would be wonderful. I am coming to Scotland in 5/2012 Mary Beth Peters.

Catswhiskers said...

Mary Beth, please contact me by

This is my blog.